nubank/ultravioleta visual id system

Ultravioleta is Nu's high-income's brand. The design approach follows the same high-quality standard for every Nu product but for this audience, it decided to explore different materials to increase the product's value.


Card design
The card design is key in building desire. The Ultravioleta is a metal card, with high-quality finishing. To increase security, the physical card is numberless, and all the additional information is placed in-app. 3D's by Vinicius Lavour. 

The product renders scenes are composed by a pedestal to give more prominence to the product. The angles and composition also help to put the product on the top, highlighting its exclusive approach, and also its details like the metal borders, enhancing textures and highlighting Ultravioleta’s classy aspects. 3D's by Vinicius Lavour. 

The floating versions are used in-app and works both in light and dark mode. Giving to the design teams a more flexible images to works in terms of responsive aspects.

Close-ups to show the main details of the product.

Product Still by Gustavo Gripe

Nu's believe in the power of a good story to create significant connections, and the lifestyle images must fulfill this purpose, showing people being their best versions. 
Photography bu Gustavo Gripe