The Congregation/podHER

Ending the constitutional right to abortion takes away an individual’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom and puts their health and safety at risk. The Congregation is a belief system created to protect reproductive rights and bring people together. Through the creation of our belief system and efforts, we are exploring how the first amendment of the constitution can be used to protect reproductive rights by a religious liberty claim in a post-Roe United States.

Case Study 


Our logo represents the complete concept of The Congregation. We made the maximum graphic reduction of a person by reducing itto a circle. Each circle represents a universe made by people.Together people from different universes congregate for a commom cause, the coreof our belief system.

1.1 Iconography

2.Book of beliefs
The book of beliefs was created to materialize the principles of the congregation. The book was designed to cause an impactful physical presence and keep people's eyes on the cause and alsobe an experience during the reader's journey. We materialize our conceptual principles and beliefs through materials, reflections and tools to help people act for themselves.


3. Posters


Our photography style relied on the use of lightto reinforce the grace, understanding, and the illumination of the individual.Incorporating color into the lighting represents hope in the middle of this dark moment, and the palette of different colors capture the diversity of the people and beliefs represented inThe Congregation.

We photographed real people instead of models that were connected to the cause and were personally impacted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Their poses hinted at religious imagery, playing with the nuanced relationship between the sacred and humanity, without being overtly connected to one specific religion. Photography by Lindsay Adler.

5. Statues   

We reoproduced the images of our martyrs, people who during history fighted with their lifes to guarantee people the right to take decisiong over theyr own bodies. 

Making of the statues creation.

Aditional posters